5 factors that can make a DUI go from bad to worse

Every driver knows that driving drunk is against the law and dangerous. However, we are all human and humans make mistakes. If you have made the mistake of drinking and driving, or if you are wrongfully accused of drinking and driving, you would likely do anything to undo the mistakes that led to your arrest, but you can’t.

You can, however, protect yourself by avoiding additional mistakes that make your situation even worse. In this post, we will look at some of the common ways DUI charges in Florida can be escalated.

In accordance with Florida DUI statutes, escalated and additional charges can be filed if a driver:

  • Has had multiple DUI offense convictions
  • Causes serious damage or death to another person
  • Left an accident scene
  • Has a very high blood-alcohol level of 0.15 percent or higher
  • Had a child in the car at the time

Under these circumstances, you could face more severe charges or additional criminal counts, which can both lead to harsher penalties.

If you cannot defend against driving while intoxicated, you could challenge the above-mentioned factors in an effort to minimize the damage of a conviction. Considering the fact that you can already be facing consequences like a stain on your criminal record, jail time, fines and license suspension for a DUI charge, it can be wise to minimize extraneous penalties by avoiding these aggravating elements.

If you are charged with any offense or offenses stemming from an allegation of drunk driving, then it can be critical that you act fast to secure legal representation. With an attorney by your side, you can hopefully work to reduce the penalties you may be facing by defending yourself, avoiding costly mistakes and challenging the charges against you.