After liquor store burns down, owner accused of tax fraud

While the following story didn’t occur in the state of Florida or in southwest Alabama, it still holds importance to many people who are accused of white collar crimes — especially tax evasion.

A liquor store owner was arrested on charges of tax evasion and arson in relation to a 2012 fire that burned down his liquor store. The Internal Revenue Service, along with local police officers, arrested the man because they believe he burned his own liquor store. They also say that the liquor store owner has underreported his income. These are serious accusations that the man will have to adequately address in the coming weeks.

Before we go any further, it is important to note that this is a stereotypical case of tax fraud or tax evasion. It appears this man made some serious mistakes and that the authorities have substantial evidence on him. But this case is not representative of tax evasion and tax fraud cases as a whole. Many people are accused of these serious crimes but the circumstances involved are far more convoluted.

The consequences and penalties associated with a federal tax evasion or tax fraud charge are immense, and anyone in the unfortunate position of having to defend such charges needs legal help to ensure that their case is proceeding accordingly. White collar crimes of this nature require a swift response and experienced legal counsel.

Source: Star Tribune, “Prior Lake man charged with tax fraud; allegedly set his liquor store ablaze,” Paul Walsh, Mar. 1, 2017