Am I eligible to have a criminal record expunged?

There are people all across Florida who have made a mistake in their lives and been charged with a crime as a result. If you are in this group of people, you are likely aware of how damaging that criminal record can be. Even if you complete all court-ordered conditions and sentences, you can still pay for a crime that stains your criminal record.

However, there are ways to have a record expunged, or “obliterated” as defined by Florida statutes, so that it no longer reflects a specific offense. This can be a very attractive option to people burdened by their criminal history, so it is important to understand if you can be eligible to have your record expunged.

Specific factors can make you ineligible for expungement. For example, certain violations cannot be expunged, including many sex crimes and offenses involving children.

Further, you generally cannot qualify for expungement if you:

  • Have multiple petitions in front of the court
  • Have not completed court-ordered supervision requirements
  • Have had your records sealed or expunged before
  • Are seeking expungement of multiple offenses or incidences

To have your record expunged, you must first secure a certificate of eligibility by applying for one. With your application, you must include a statement from the state prosecutor or a state attorney as well as the processing fee, a copy of the disposition of the charge and other supporting documents.

As you can see, many details must be considered, confirmed and provided when it comes to seeking expungement.

If you want to expunge a criminal charge on your record, discussing your eligibility and the legal process with an attorney can prove to be critical. Without legal guidance, you could wind up making some harmful and costly mistakes that could jeopardize your future.