Build a strong strategy to divorce with confidence

When divorce comes knocking, it affects every area of your life. For those already well established in their careers and well into saving for retirement and other investments, the process can prove quite complex.

Still, if you know that it’s time to end the relationship, you deserve a fair resolution to the matter, not a trip to the cleaners. If you are the primary breadwinner in your marriage, you stand to lose a great deal without proper legal guidance to protect your rights and interests.

Divorce and property division laws in Florida are governed by equitable division guidelines, unlike states like California or Texas, which use community property division guidelines. This is an important distinction, and can mean a difference of thousands of dollars in the a divorce settlement. However, the courts do still tend to grant many preferences to a lesser earning spouse, especially if your marriage lasted for a number of years.

No quick fixes for protecting your future

The greater your assets, the greater you stand to lose without strong representation. Those are simply the unpopular facts about divorce in Florida. If you amassed significant assets over the course of your marriage, it is highly unlikely that you can get out of the marriage without your spouse taking a decent portion of the assets with them.

That doesn’t mean you should roll over and hibernate until everything is over. You are now fighting for the quality of your future, and no one is going to volunteer to fight for you if you don’t fight for yourself.

A strong strategy for divorce starts with obtaining strong representation. An attorney with years of practice overseeing divorces in Florida can help you take stock of your assets and liabilities and create a personalized plan to get your out of the marriage and on to brighter days.

Are you a business owner? Do you own property? Are you retired or nearing retirement? Are kids in the picture? All of these questions and more will determine how you approach your divorce, and which things you prioritize.

Don’t wait to begin building your exit strategy

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to divorce, only strong and weak strategies. As your plan comes together, you will see the fog lift on your future. Divorce is only a stormy season to mush through, not a state to live in indefinitely.

With a strong strategy based on legal experience and your own individual circumstances and priorities, you can approach the negotiation table with confidence, knowing that it is only a matter of time until you are truly free and ready to build something new on the other side.