Can you be intoxicated at the beach?

The beach is indeed a favorite spot in Florida for both local residents and the many tourists who visit the state on vacations. Florida is well-known as the sunshine state, and the best place to enjoy the sunshine is often at the beach. But, what if someone goes to the beach and consumes an inordinate amount of alcohol? Well, not only do many sober beach enthusiasts not appreciate it, but police throughout the state do not either. And, those who cross the line of alcohol use to alcohol abuse could face significant penalties.

Drunk and disorderly charges

When beach patrons have over-consumed alcohol and keep to themselves in an orderly fashion, they typically do not experience much interaction from local police authorities. The behavior is more important than the inebriation. However, when a drunk individual becomes intrusive on others or obnoxious in general, the police can and will investigate the suspect for potential public intoxication. Public intoxication is the typical criminal charge, but drunk and disorderly charges can be filed as well.

Defenses and penalties for public intoxication

There are situations where individuals are impaired for reasons other than choosing to drink in public scenarios. Medications can often be the reason, as many people are prescribed medications on a daily basis that can impact cognitive abilities. While this is not a crime like recreational public drinking, it can still require an experienced Florida criminal defense lawyer when a citation case goes to court.

Anyone in the state of Florida should remember that local officials are indeed serious about keeping the beaches safe and orderly for those who do not choose to use any type of alcohol or drugs. Always play it safe for yourself and respect the safety of others who are also enjoying the abundant ocean side public beaches.