Can you defend against a DUI charge? Of course!

If you have been pulled over and accused of driving under the influence of alcohol before, then you know just how scary and intimidating those moments can be. If you haven’t been pulled over for a DUI offense before in your life, then you probably think that there is no way for a person accused of such a crime to defend his or her case.

But no matter who you are, it is important to realize this: even if you have been accused of a drunk driving offense, there are ways to build your case and make legitimate claims  that could lessen the penalties or even absolve you from the charges against you.

For example, there are some common DUI defense tactics that the accused individual could use. Maybe the police officer was improper in the way he or she handled your case. Maybe the stop was illegal. Maybe the breath test was improperly administered. Maybe the chain of custody for the evidence in your case wasn’t followed. These factors could lead to dismissed evidence, and the collapse of the prosecution’s case.

There are also more extreme factors that could be involved in your case, but ones that are still relevant all the same. What if you were forced to drive drunk under threat of harm or force? What if you drove drunk purposely because a medical emergency was ongoing? What if the police mistook your identity or tried to entrap you? Again, these factors could lead to the successful defense of your case.

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