DEA puts major cocaine supplier out of business

Authorities from the Drug Enforcement Agency announced that a major supplier of cocaine to the Northwest Florida area is no longer in business. The United States Attorney’s Office extradited the native of Colombia to Pensacola, where he will face federal drug trafficking charges.

A spokesperson for the DEA explained that the man played a role in a scheme to create an ongoing pipeline of cocaine from Colombia to the Sunshine State. The DEA says each member of the small organization of drug traffickers is in custody. They also say the man will suffer the same fate as the people with which he conspired.

The man reportedly plotted with two American Army veterans in 2018 to become their South American cocaine connection. These two men traveled to Colombia to purchase the first of the shipments with money they carried with them from the U.S. The duo transported the 10 kilograms of cocaine back to America via military aircraft.

The two Americans returned to Colombia a few months later with the $65,000 needed to purchase 40 additional kilograms of cocaine. But this time, the illegal shipment was detected by authorities when an X-ray machine identified a substance contained inside two punching bags. The two Americans faced arrest shortly after the discovery of the cocaine.

Potential penalties

The estimated street value of the 40 kilograms of cocaine is more than $1 million. Both Americans pled guilty to their crimes and are currently serving sentences in federal prison. Their Colombian supplier is in jail awaiting trial in Pensacola. The charges filed against him carry a mandatory minimum 10-year prison term.

Drug trafficking charges can be serious

Drug trafficking is a serious offense that can result in years spent in prison. Individuals accused of this crime will need to mount a strong defense if they hope to minimize the potential damage. This is where an experienced criminal defense attorney can provide valuable guidance.