Discussing assault and battery charges

Assault and battery charges are two distinct crimes that refer to similar things. Assault is when there is the threat of violence. Battery is when actual contact and physical harm is committed. These are the definitions in Florida — they are slightly different in Alabama, where three different degrees of assault can be charged by the police.

Assault and battery are two criminal charges that can inflict serious penalties on the people who are accused of committing the crime. However, even if physical contact is made and harm is inflicted, there are arguments to be made for the defendant. Maybe they didn’t intend to harm the individual. Maybe they were acting in self-defense or out of necessity. There are mitigating circumstances that could be involved in a battery case.

Having said that, these are incredibly punishing charges that can forever change a person’s life. A criminal history can haunt you for far too long, and while expunging or sealing these crimes away can help, it is best to confront these charges head on and defend them as best as possible to limit the chances of carrying a criminal history into your future.

So with that said, please keep our attorneys at the Law Offices of James M. Burns in mind. We have defended people charged with assault and/or battery many times, and we will fully investigate your case and present your side of the event in question. With so much on the line, you will need experienced legal representation in your corner.