Do third-row SUV passengers face crash dangers?

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Drivers occupying a car’s back seat might not think they face worse dangers than the driver or front-seat passenger. The facts tell a potentially different story, as rear passengers face dangers. Such risks even extend to those riding in an SUV’s third row. Ironically, some Florida passengers may feel safer in an SUV, considering its size. However, the chance for an injury remains if a collision occurs.

SUVs and third-row dangers

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety intends to uncover better data about rear-seat SUV passengers. Increasing the number of crash test dummy tests may help the cause. Currently, the planned test put more emphasis on frontal impact instead of the rear. Perhaps future tests would address rear-end collisions.

Significant research exists regarding the dangers backseat passengers face when riding in a “standard” car. The lack of airbags alone could contribute to worse injuries for a passenger in a rear seat.

Examining what caused the accident

If an SUV or another vehicle gets to its destination without any unforeseen trouble, the people traveling inside might not experience any harm. However, when someone’s negligence creates unsafe conditions, a rear-seat passenger may suffer an injury.

When another driver takes to the road while under the influence or is brazenly dismissive of traffic laws, the driver may face a civil suit if an accident occurs. Passengers might sue the SUV driver if he or she makes the same mistakes or is otherwise negligent. Drivers have a duty to care for others, and care often comes in safe driving behavior. Hopefully, anyone who causes an accident has enough insurance to cover the victims’ personal injury losses.

An attorney may advise victims of SUV and other motor vehicle collisions. An attorney could discuss insurance settlement and lawsuit options.