Drunk driving charges carry massive penalties

Getting behind the wheel of a car after you have consumed alcohol can lead to an arrest. The charge of drunk driving is a serious one, and it can claim many of your liberties and cost you thousands and thousands of dollars. From license suspension to increased insurance costs, and a criminal record to court fees and jail time, there are simply far too many consequences to a DUI.

But sometimes people make mistakes — good people who have never made a mistake before. Unfortunately, the law doesn’t care if you haven’t made a mistake before. The violation you committed can still lead to punishment. Specific to DUIs, if you think that refusing to take a breath test will get you off the hook, then you are wrong. In Florida, refusing a breath test actually result in its own criminal charge.

With so much at stake in a drunk driving case, it is no wonder that many people accused of drunk driving turn to experienced criminal defense attorneys to help them build their case and protect their rights. In Pensacola, Florida, the name to know is James M. Burns.

We will build a defensive strategy for your case through attention to detail, rigorous analysis of the evidence and having extensive experience in the area of DUI law. A drunk driving charge doesn’t have to be the end for you. There are sound, strategic ways to address the charges involved in your case, and we at the Law Offices of James M. Burns can help.