DUI expungement can really help you

Drunk driving charges, like any other criminal charge, come with a certain level of embarrassment for the accused individual. They know they should have done better, and they will look to change their ways going forward. But even with that, their reputation will precede them wherever they go. Their friends will likely know about it, and it could cause them hardship with those friends. Their employers may find out, or even potential new employers. And landlords will see their criminal history during routine background checks.

We say all of this to illustrate one key point: the long road to recovering from a DUI or criminal charge can be very punishing, and it behooves anyone to try to minimize they time they have to spend on that long road.

This is where an expungement can be very helpful. An expungement is something that seals your criminal record away, making it so that most people cannot see your criminal record or use it against you. It gives you the freedom to pursue a new job or find a new place to live without fear of an employer or landlord rejecting you simply because you have a criminal record — even if you are an acceptable candidate in every other way.

We’ve talked about expungements before, and it is critical to note that they are not guaranteed, nor are they simple to achieve. Make sure you consult with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney before pursing this important legal act that could make your criminal history a thing of the past.