Expungement, appeals are options for those with criminal record

A month and a half ago, we wrote a post about DUI expungement and how this legal process can really help people who have been convicted of a DUI in their life. An expungement “seals” your criminal past, making it nearly impossible for anyone to find out about your conviction. Background checks wouldn’t reveal it, so it help you move on as you try to find new work and a new place to live. Your sealed conviction can be unsealed in case of another criminal charge filed against you.

Expungements aren’t reserved for just DUI charges. They can help people accused of many different criminal offenses. But that isn’t the only reason we raise this topic today. Expungements are just one tool in the arsenal of a crime or living with a criminal record to help free themselves from societal oppression.

There are post-conviction and other criminal appeals that people who are accused of or convicted of a crime can utilize to help them out. Post-conviction appeals aren’t always successful and they can be tricky to substantiate, but with a proper criminal defense attorney on your side, you can push forward with the options that are available to you.

At the Law Office of James M. Burns, we have extensive experience handling expungements and helping people adequately and appropriately address their criminal history. We strive to help those who are put in a difficult legal position, and when you are accused of a criminal offense, make no mistake — you are in a very difficult legal position. Let us help you at The Law Office of James M. Burns.