Facing drug charges? Legal support vital every step of the way

Ever since a war was declared on drugs, law enforcement agents, prosecutors and members of the community have been committed to punishing any person involved in illegal drug activity to the fullest extent of the law.

Rather than solve the drug problem in the U.S., these efforts have resulted in overcrowded prisons, incredible numbers of people with stained criminal records for minor violations and widespread concerns over racial profiling and underhanded police tactics. In this environment, it is crucial for any person facing drug charges to have legal support at all stages of the criminal process.

  • If you are being investigated for drug possession, manufacturing or trafficking, you need to know that you are protected from unlawful search and seizure. You also need to know that there are strict rules in place that dictate police and arrest procedures.
  • If you are arrested, you still have rights that must be protected when it comes to things like talking to police, attending court hearings, seeking bail and going about your daily life if you are released.
  • If you are eventually charged with a drug crime, you will need to defend yourself. This could involve negotiating a plea bargain or taking the case to trial. In either case, your future could depend on how you are able to navigate the legal system.

At each of these stages, you could be at a great disadvantage if you are unfamiliar with your rights and the legal process. Because of this, it is recommended that you have by your side a criminal defense attorney. Our law firm has the experience and resources you may not when it comes to defending against drug charges. For details on how we approach these cases and how we have helped others in this difficult situation, please visit our criminal defense website.