How high school reenactments can teach valuable DUI lessons

For our source article today, we chose a random DUI reenactment story from a high school outside of the state of Florida. The location isn’t particularly important, nor is the content of the reenactment all that illuminating to most people who aren’t teenagers. However, the trend of these reenactments is the real point of this post. You can search Google right now and find hundreds of stories about DUI reenactments on high school campuses.

The intent of these performances is to shock teenagers into understanding the terrible impact drunk driving can have on their lives and the lives of others. In many cases, it appears these reenactments fulfill that intent — they make teenagers see DUIs as the danger they truly are.

Measuring the effect these reenactments have on teenagers is inexact, of course. Who knows how great an impact it may have on one teen, or how little it will have on another. And who knows how long that effect lasts. Do they retain the lesson their entire life? For only a few years? For only a few months? Is there any effect at all?

What is clear is that getting to teenagers early, when they are adaptable and learning about the world around them, is a great way to teach them that driving behind the wheel of a vehicle is dangerous and life-altering. Making the decision to drive under the influence can lead you to causing others tremendous pain — and it can leave you liable for the outcome.

Source:, “VIDEO: DUI Re-Enactment Held At North Penn High School,” Justin Heinze, April 20, 2017