How long alcohol remains in your system


After people consume alcoholic beverages, it can take some time before the alcohol is metabolized and the person is no longer intoxicated. The general rule is that it takes about an hour to metabolize a standard drink of alcohol, and a standard drink is different for wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages. Residents of Florida and other states should know certain factors that can impact how long alcohol remains in the system.

Food consumption

Consuming food can lessen the amount of time it takes to metabolize alcohol. This is because food helps alcohol stay in a person’s stomach where compounds can break down the alcohol. As a result, it’s wise to consume a meal if individuals are thinking about drinking alcohol.


A person’s weight also has a substantial impact on how long it takes someone to metabolize alcohol. This is because fat can impact the body’s ability to break down alcohol and return someone to a sober state. An experienced DUI lawyer may be able to explain to a court how a person’s weight impacts their intoxication if this becomes an issue in a criminal prosecution.


A person’s gender also has an influence on the body’s ability to break down alcohol. In general, men are able to metabolize alcohol more quickly than women and may be able to consume more alcohol while feeling less intoxicated. However, there are exceptions to this general rule.


The amount of fluids an individual consumes may have an impact on how intoxicated they become. Moreover, staying hydrated can reduce the likelihood that an individual experiences side effects from consuming alcohol.

Individuals should avoid driving after drinking even if they take precautions around consuming alcohol. It is important to contact an experienced DUI attorney if they face criminal prosecution from drinking and driving.