Mitigating the consequences of an embezzlement charge

Too many people have a serious misconception about anyone accused of a crime like embezzlement. They often imagine a person taking millions of dollars out of greed and without caring about the consequences of such actions.

In reality, however, many people facing embezzlement charges are people who have found themselves in dire straits, driven by desperation to making some unwise decisions. When you look at it from this perspective, it can seem unnecessarily harsh to punish people as harshly as the law will allow. In many cases, it can be possible to mitigate the consequences of an embezzlement conviction by being proactive and understanding your legal options.

Some elements that can be particularly helpful if you are facing these accusations include strong community relationships, making efforts to repay money, taking accountability for your actions and an effective explanation of your intentions.

For instance, one man who pleaded guilty to embezzlement charges in another state was able to avoid the harshest penalties thanks to a few very important decisions and factors.

To begin with, he had evidently already repaid the money he took from a youth baseball program, and then some. He also had a strong support system in place in the community. In fact, several members of the program showed up at his sentencing to show support. He also took accountability for his actions, noting that he never meant to cause harm but acted out of desperation.

As noted in reports on the situation, he did not completely avoid punishment, as he did plead guilty to the offense. However, the orders for probation and community service were likely much preferable to jail time.

If you are accused of embezzlement, what you say and do next can impact your case and you future. You can take steps to minimize your exposure to the harshest penalties by consulting an attorney sooner, rather than later, to examine your options and next steps.