New report shows drugged driving on the rise

Drunk driving is a major safety issue, but the charge also has serious implications for the people who are accused of the crime. Sure, they allegedly did something wrong, but they also face the specter of a lifetime of dealing with a criminal history. And sometimes, a DUI happens by mistake. Good people are often wrapped up with this offense.

You may think, given the prevalence of DUI charges in the news, that it is the most common intoxication factor in fatal motor vehicle accidents. But a new report from the Governors Highway Safety Association and the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility found that drugged driving is now more common in fatal car accidents than drunk driving.

The report found that 43 percent of drivers tested in fatal accidents had some time of drug, prescription or otherwise, in their system. 37 percent of drivers tested had a blood alcohol level that was over the limit. Of the 43 percent that were driving under the influence of drugs, most were found to have marijuana in their system. With the rise in the number of states decriminalizing or legalizing marijuana, this seems like a logical side effect.

There are also concerns about the opioid epidemic, and how it plays a role in affecting the abilities of drivers.

These are serious offenses, but they are also ones that aren’t always straightforward. Those who are accused of these crimes should talk with an attorney to have their case evaluated and the circumstances of their arrest fully investigated.

Source: CBS News, “Drugged driving more fatal than drunk driving, report says,” Ashley Welch, April 27, 2017