Penalties for a first time DUI offense in Florida

It goes without saying that getting multiple drunk driving offenses is an especially bad position to put yourself in. The damage and penalties from having two or more DUIs on your record are immense. But even after just one offense – one that could have extenuating circumstances involved – in the state of Florida, an individual can face hefty penalties and fines.

For example, after on DUI, the logistical penalties you will be dealt include the suspension of your license (six months to a year), the installation and utilization of an ignition interlock device (costs of which you will assume) and a bevy of other fines and fees to reinstate your license and enroll in a DUI program.

This doesn’t include the criminal penalties for the DUI. These will include substantial fines up to $1,000 (which could increase to $2,000 depending on the circumstances of the DUI, i.e. you had a minor in the car at the time of the DUI), community service and probation, the possibility of jail time and the impoundment of your vehicle.

We’ve written about the extensive financial penalties of a DUI before. But as you can see here, just the penalties under Florida law could leave you in a dramatically different financial and personal situation. You should never operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs; but if you are arrested and accused of such an offense, it behooves you to fight the charges. There is too much at stake, so consult with an attorney as soon as you can.