Police conduct, investigations are key parts to criminal charges

What often gets lost in the conversation about criminal charges is the role police play in the charge. So much focus is placed on the accused individual (or individuals), and a lot of attention is paid to the “horror” of the crime. Outrage is an easy feeling to conjure up when crimes are discussed. However, where is the outrage over police officers that use excessive force? Where is the outrage when investigators mishandle evidence? Where is the outrage when evidence testing labs taint evidence or alter the course of an investigation?

These things happen too, just like the crimes that shock the public at large all the time. The handling of evidence during the course of a criminal investigation is a key part of the case. How the prosecution obtained that evidence is an equally important question about the case.

This is why it is imperative for anyone accused of a crime to have a criminal defense attorney. Your attorney can help you protect your rights and advance your case.

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