Push forward and never give up in the wake of criminal charges

Being charged with a crime is an incredibly stressful moment in anyone’s life. It can inflict serious emotional damage on a person, making them feel alone and helpless. The prospect of sitting in a jail cell for months or years on end; the idea of sitting in a cold, dimly-lit room while police officers question you; the fear that no one knows what you are going through or that the outside world may never hear your story. These are all things that can rush through a person’s mind as they wait for their day in court.

We want to offer support to those who are in this position. Do everything you can to push through this difficult time. Stay calm and stay focused. And, most importantly, remember that you have rights.

You have the right to an attorney; you have the right to remain silent; and you are presumed innocent until found guilty by a jury of your peers. These are essential rights and they can help you combat the charges you face. We at the Law Offices of James M. Burns can help you with the pre-trial events that will consume your thoughts after an arrest. We will see you through your court case, and no matter the outcome, you will still have legal options.

There are appeals and expungement options for many people who are charged with a crime, and we at the Law Offices of James M. Burns have the experience necessary to help anyone who is considering these legal options.