Trends in gray divorces

So-called “gray” divorces occur in people who are over 50. Over the past 30 years, the number of mature adults filing for divorce has more than doubled. While they are still less common than divorces among young people, this is a significant change in the way American families live. People in Florida can understand what precipitates a gray divorce by examining some of the factors involved.

A person’s past predicts their future

One of the best ways to understand which older adults may divorce is to look at the life cycle of their relationships. People who have already divorced once are more likely to file for divorce again in their golden years. Adults over 50 who have been remarried for less than ten years are about ten times as likely to file for divorce compared to people who’ve been married to the same partner for 40 years.

It’s not always sudden

Gray divorces can be shocking for the children and grandchildren of an older couple. While the breakup may seem sudden to them, sometimes the couple in question has been unhappy for decades. It’s important to respect the decisions of older couples who are divorcing and not dismiss the action as a late mid-life crisis.

Financial security and gray divorce

Often, financially stable couples are unlikely to formally divorce. Older adults who struggle with unemployment and other frustrations are actually more likely to file. It’s not clear exactly why this is. Higher net worth couples may be able to comfortably spend more time apart while remaining married.

Gray divorces can be a stressful time for everyone. Many experienced lawyers are seeing more of these cases. They may be able to help their clients find a more fulfilling way to live.