What age does child support end in Florida?

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When divorcing, regardless of what state you reside in, every parent must support their minor children financially. Typically, the court will order the noncustodial parent to pay the custodial parent a certain amount of money periodically to pay for the child’s basic needs. This type of court-ordered payment is known as child support. A divorce settlement will address critical issues such as property distribution, spousal support, child custody, and other terms that will apply to the termination of the marriage. Additionally, it will address the issue of child support whereby the noncustodial parent is legally obligated to pay monthly child support until their child reaches the age of majority. With that being said, many people wonder whether there is a certain age at which their child support obligation is terminated. Keep reading to learn what age child support ends in Florida and discover how a seasoned Pensacola Child Support Lawyer can help you. 

Is child support terminated at a certain age in Florida?

Child support is determined based on the Florida Child Support Guidelines which calculate payments from the net income of both parents and the number of children in the household. As a note, parenting time has a significant effect on child support orders. If a child spends at least 20% of their time overnight annually with the noncustodial parent, additional calculations will be made when determining an appropriate order. Additionally, there are some reasons why a parent may have to request a support order that differs from the guidelines. When this occurs, it is called a deviation. When a deviation must occur, a parent can file a form called a Motion to Deviate from Child Support Guidelines. If the court deems it reasonable, they may grant the motion if it is fair. Ultimately, adjusting child support calculations for parenting time and potential deviations can be complex, so it is in your best interest to consult a qualified lawyer who can help you navigate additional support obligations.

Furthermore, in the state of Florida, the duty to pay child support usually ends when a child reaches the age of 18. However, in some cases, the judge may order post-majority support when the child has a mental or physical handicap. In some cases, a child support obligation can remain until the child turns 19. This only occurs if the child is still in high school. Therefore, the payments would have to be made until the child turns 19 or graduates from high school, whichever comes first.

For more information on when child support obligations are terminated in Florida, please contact a determined Pensacola child support lawyer. Our firm is committed to helping our clients understand their child support obligations after their divorce is finalized.