What Are the Best Defenses Against Armed Robbery Charges?

criminal with gun

In Florida, armed robbery is a severe criminal offense that carries harsh penalties, including steep monetary fines, a lengthy prison sentence, and a criminal record that can haunt you for years to come. As such, it’s crucial to understand the potential defenses that may be raised to fight your charges and protect your freedom. Please continue reading to learn the best defenses against armed robbery charges and how a determined Pensacola Theft Crime Lawyer can help you today.

What is Armed Robbery?

Armed robbery is a theft crime that involves the use of force. Under Florida law, armed robbery is defined as the unlawful taking of money or goods from another person while armed with a deadly weapon, with the intent to either permanently or temporarily deprive the person of their property. It’s crucial to understand that being “armed’ doesn’t necessarily mean having a gun or knife. There are other objects that can qualify as a “deadly weapon” if they could potentially inflict serious bodily harm or death. Ultimately, armed robbery is classified as a violent crime, subject to severe penalties for offenders.

What Are the Best Defenses?

If you’re facing armed robbery charges, it’s essential to know that there are multiple avenues of defense. Robbery, especially in cases involving deadly weapons, often leads to severe consequences, as it could mean a felony conviction. Therefore, it’s essential to know the possible defenses that may be used to fight your charges.

In criminal law, the prosecution is burdened with providing that a defendant committed the crime they are being accused of beyond a reasonable doubt. It’s possible to challenge the adequacy of evidence presented by the prosecution, arguing that it did not show proof of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Certain evidence presented by the defense can also undermine the prosecution’s case to avoid a robbery conviction. A strong alibi can also help prove innocence.

If someone pushed you into committing this crime, you would not have otherwise committed it if you hadn’t been pushed into doing it. If this happens, you can assert an entrapment defense. Entrapment defenses can be difficult to prove. However, if you can demonstrate that a law enforcement officer induced you to commit the crime, you may be able to use this defense. Nevertheless, if you intended to commit the robbery, you would not be able to use this defense as it only applies if you were inducted to commit the crime.

Furthermore, you may be able to raise duress as a defense. This defense can be used if you can demonstrate that someone compelled or induced you to commit the crime. The inducement can result from either the use of force or threat of force, such as serious bodily injury or death. Proving duress can be just as tricky as proving entrapment. This is because courts will consider the credibility and immediacy of the threat, as well as the absence of a reasonable opportunity to avoid the crime.

If you’re facing armed robbery charges, please don’t hesitate to contact a skilled lawyer from The Law Office of James M. Burns, who can help you explore all avenues of defense.