What kinds of white collar crimes are there?

Being accused of a white collar crime can mean many things depending on the exact crime it’s claimed you’ve committed. Most white collar crimes are things like fraud or embezzlement.

If you’re accused of fraud, it means that you have deceived someone for your own personal monetary gain. Securities fraud is one kind of fraud, but there are many others.

Embezzlement is another kind of white collar crime you could be facing charges for. With embezzlement, you’re being accused of taking money from someone who you owe a duty to. That could mean that as an employee, you’re taking money out of the cash register and claiming an item didn’t sell, giving yourself extra cash each shift you work. There are numerous kinds of embezzlement, and that’s just one simple type.

Other kinds of white collar crimes you could be accused of include money laundering and tax evasion. Tax evasion is one many innocent individuals face because of failing to file taxes or for filing them incorrectly. Filing tax forms with false information or illegally transferring property to make it so you don’t have to pay taxes are both kinds of tax evasion.

Regardless of the kind of white collar crime you’ve been accused of, it’s important that you defend yourself from the moment you’re accused. There are many ways in which it can appear you’ve committed a crime but have not, and misunderstanding or mistakes are common and can look misleading. With the right support from your attorney, you can fight the allegations against you, so you can avoid a tarnished reputation.

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