What to Know About Post-Divorce Modifications in Florida

If you are someone who is divorced, though your divorced occurred months, or even years ago, there’s a strong chance your circumstances have changed since then. In some cases, people’s situations in life change significantly, making their initial divorce agreement no longer fit their needs. If you are someone who has seen a significant and lasting change and would like to modify your divorce agreement, we are here to help. Please continue reading and reach out to our experienced Pensacola divorce modification lawyer to learn more about post-divorce modifications in Florida and how our firm can effectively guide you through each step of the process ahead.

Common Reasons for Post-Divorce Modifications

There are various scenarios that may constitute a post-divorce modification, however, you should understand that Florida courts don’t always make it easy to reach them. That said, some situations that may warrant post-divorce modifications are as follows:

  • One spouse received a raise or otherwise ran into a large sum of money, and no longer requires alimony or child support payments. Conversely, if one spouse who receives alimony or child support loses his or her job or receives a demotion, or develops a medical condition that requires financial assistance to pay for, he or she may request an increase in alimony or child support.
  • When one spouse remarries or cohabitates with another partner, the supporting spouse may request the termination of alimony payments.
  • A child reaches the age of emancipation and no longer qualifies for child support, thereby terminating the support agreement.
  • A child has special needs and requires an extension on child support past the standard age of emancipation.
  • If it is proven that one parent has a drug problem, has exposed their child to domestic violence, or is otherwise parentally unfit, it may warrant a modification to child custody.
  • If one parent is moving away, it may warrant a modification to child custody.
  • If a child’s schedule significantly changes, it may warrant a modification to child custody.

If you believe that your situation may qualify for a post-divorce modification, simply pick up the phone and speak with our experienced Pensacola family law attorney today. Our firm is here to help.


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