When witnesses are deemed not credible, charges can be dismissed

When you are accused of a crime, you need to understand that you have the right to defend yourself. Too many people fail to appreciate this fact when it comes to charges like DUI because they think that if there is evidence against them, then there is no way to defend against them.

However, working with a criminal defense attorney to protect yourself and your rights can protect you from being unfairly convicted and punished for a DUI. For instance, if you are accused of drunk driving, your case can depend on the credibility of the prosecution’s witnesses. If they are not credible, then there may not be enough remaining evidence against you for a conviction.

This very situation recently played out in another state, though it could have just as easily have happened right here in Pensacola.

According to reports in the Miami Herald, a police officer who was a witness in more than 100 drunk driving cases was fired after it was revealed that he lied under oath multiple times. He evidently had a history of misleading suspected drunk drivers, ignoring their rights and then lying about the violations in court documents and as a witness in court.

Once this unlawful behavior was discovered, the officer was let go. More importantly, over 100 DUI cases in which he was a witness were dismissed.

Challenging the credibility of witnesses and scrutinizing police procedures are essential aspects of any DUI defense. However, without the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney, these stones can be left unturned. With legal guidance and support, you can work to defend yourself and protect your criminal record, driver’s license and future.