Why do divorce filings spike in January?

There is now a national day for just about everything. Consider that the first full week of January, includes bobblehead, bubble bath, Law Enforcement Appreciation and bittersweet chocolate days. In some parts of the world, the first Monday of the year has gained the moniker Divorce Day.

While we do not have an American equivalent national day, January is one of our leading months for divorce filings. And many divorce lawyers come back to a busy calendar after the holidays. In this post, we cover some common reasons along with a couple tips for those starting the process.

New Year: Time for a fresh start

For some, the timing of divorce might be tied to seeking a fresh start in the new year. Others have just endured another holiday season with intolerable in laws to limit the disruption for children even though they made their decision sometime in 2018.

Money issues are another commonly cited stress that can lead to a split. January is when the bills from the holidays start to come due and the arguments over how to pay everything can escalate. A year-end job loss or furlough could amplify the situation.

Before serving papers

If you have started the new year with the sentiment of “this cannot go on any longer,” you need to take action. With that said, you should not rush. Consider whether marriage or couples counseling might help solve the issues. It’s important to explore potential fixes

If children are involved, you must consider the impact on them. However, at the same time, you do not want to stay in an unhappy marriage just for their sake. They are resilient. In strained relationships where parents stay together for 10 – 15 years for the kid’s sake, the kid’s frequently say they would have been fine.

The next step is to set up an appointment with a divorce attorney to better understand the process. By researching available options and having a strategy for potential sticking points right away, you may be able to reach a more favorable outcome without added drama.