With tax season comes the potential of tax-related crimes

As the days go by and we cross months off of our calendars, everyone gets closer and closer to the dreaded April 15 tax deadline. No one likes doing their taxes, but it is an important responsibility that everyone needs to uphold. Besides, there might be a nice refund in it for you.

But more applicable to a criminal defense blog like this one, tax season means that some people will face serious criminal allegations in relation to their taxes. Tax fraud is a common charge that is filed against an individual, as is the charge of tax evasion. Both of these crimes are considered white collar crimes.

Since taxes are complicated and difficult to complete without making a mistake, it is important to realize that simple or understandable mistakes won’t lead to the IRS auditing you or launching a criminal investigation into your tax filing. That said, you should still look over your taxes with a keen eye and double check all of the figures and information you put down on your filing.

Tax evasion is a particularly tricky criminal charge, because it often involves underreporting your income. This can be especially tricky for businesses and owners, as some companies have a strictly cash-flow business and it can be hard to fully track and know exactly what your revenue flow is like. If you are accused of tax evasion or tax fraud, it behooves you to have experienced, proactive criminal defense attorneys on your side to advocate on your behalf and provide you with the counsel you need.

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