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What is required of registered sex offenders?

One of the harshest penalties a person can face for a criminal conviction is the requirement to register as a sex offender. The reason why this particular penalty is so harsh is because being a registered sex offender is something a person may have to do for the rest of his or her life.

Unique aspects of divorce for active duty or retired military

Divorce is rarely "easy." Even if the emotions don't overwhelm you, there are still many considerations that must be addressed, including division of assets, setting up two separate households, division of joint/marital debts and, if you are parents, establishing child custody and visitation arrangements. There could also be questions about child support or alimony (sometimes called "spousal support" or "spousal maintenance").

Traffic stops can go from bad to worse if your car is searched

It's an all-too familiar experience for many people: They are driving down the road and suddenly they see the red and blue lights flashing in the rear view mirror. Whether you know why you're being pulled over or not, you can immediately experience fear, confusion and, in some cases, anger.

Am I eligible to have a criminal record expunged?

There are people all across Florida who have made a mistake in their lives and been charged with a crime as a result. If you are in this group of people, you are likely aware of how damaging that criminal record can be. Even if you complete all court-ordered conditions and sentences, you can still pay for a crime that stains your criminal record.

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