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December 2016 Archives

What is the drug 'schedule' system?

In 1970, the United States unified the hundreds of drug laws that were on the books into a single, unifying law called the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. This is the federal law that regulates drug use, cultivation, distribution and possession. What it did is it created five "schedules" -- which are basically classifications -- of drugs, and based on the schedule of a drug, the punishment involved in the crime would be more (higher schedule) or less (lower schedule) severe.

Penalties for a first time DUI offense in Florida

It goes without saying that getting multiple drunk driving offenses is an especially bad position to put yourself in. The damage and penalties from having two or more DUIs on your record are immense. But even after just one offense - one that could have extenuating circumstances involved - in the state of Florida, an individual can face hefty penalties and fines.

Get legal help: Sex crimes carry immense penalties

Sexually based crimes are inherently emotional crimes that will draw a lot of anger and outrage from the public, or anyone from the outside looking in. They will often see the headlines and not read anything beyond that, making a determination about the alleged perpetrator's guilt without knowing the details of the case or the possible extenuating circumstances of the case.

The many iterations of white collar crime

White collar crime has seen a massive surge in the last decade as the internet has made it easier for people to transmit data, commit fraud and complete financial transactions. As such, the police, investigators and federal prosecutors are keeping a close eye on acts that fall under the white collar crime umbrella.

What happens to military pensions in divorce?

When you are a service member for over 20 years and retire after 20 complete years of active service, you receive a retirement pension for the remainder of your life. This pension can be a major source of income for your family at a relatively young age. When you decide that you want to separate from your spouse, this can also draw concerns.

Expungement, appeals are options for those with criminal record

A month and a half ago, we wrote a post about DUI expungement and how this legal process can really help people who have been convicted of a DUI in their life. An expungement "seals" your criminal past, making it nearly impossible for anyone to find out about your conviction. Background checks wouldn't reveal it, so it help you move on as you try to find new work and a new place to live. Your sealed conviction can be unsealed in case of another criminal charge filed against you.

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