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February 2017 Archives

After an arrest, don't panic: Call an attorney

Imagine that you are accused of a crime by the police. Doesn't matter if they pulled you over in your car or if they stopped you on the street -- just imagine how anxious and scared you would feel. The force of the legal power the police have could ruin your career and dampen your future prospects, let alone deal you extensive penalties in the short term. Amidst all this fear and anxiety, what would you do? How would you react? What is someone supposed to do in that situation?

Get legal help when accused of driving under the influence

Drunk driving charges carry serious penalties with them, even if the violation is your first-such offense. In the state of Florida, there are many different penalties you could face for a first-time DUI. For example, your vehicle could be impounded and your license suspended. And we also haven't yet mentioned the jail time, fines, ignition interlock and other penalties that could be thrown at you.

Push forward and never give up in the wake of criminal charges

Being charged with a crime is an incredibly stressful moment in anyone's life. It can inflict serious emotional damage on a person, making them feel alone and helpless. The prospect of sitting in a jail cell for months or years on end; the idea of sitting in a cold, dimly-lit room while police officers question you; the fear that no one knows what you are going through or that the outside world may never hear your story. These are all things that can rush through a person's mind as they wait for their day in court.

With tax season comes the potential of tax-related crimes

As the days go by and we cross months off of our calendars, everyone gets closer and closer to the dreaded April 15 tax deadline. No one likes doing their taxes, but it is an important responsibility that everyone needs to uphold. Besides, there might be a nice refund in it for you.

Even with a prescription, driving on Xanax can cost you big

Many people falsely believe that as long as they took a medication as prescribed by their doctor, it is legal to operate a car after taking it. However, there are many prescribed medications that can negatively impact your ability to operate a vehicle. From painkillers and muscle relaxants to benzodiazepines like Xanax, there are many prescription medications that can earn you a driving under the influence charge in the state of Florida. Xanax, also called alprazolam, is an anti-anxiety medication that is increasingly causing DUI charges for residents of Florida.

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