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Are your children road safe for Halloween?

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2021 | Personal Injury

Fun decorations, picking the perfect costume, and free candy are all part of the exciting Halloween experience that children look forward to every year. While your kids may be eager to celebrate Halloween, as a parent, you want to be sure that they are safe while having fun, which is why you want to take the necessary precautions to protect them.

While most may have heard the classic caution of checking your children’s candy, there is another danger you need to be aware of. Halloween is the deadliest day for child pedestrians and taking some additional precautions, and you can help defend your children from the risks of the road. Here are three tips you can exercise to protect your family this Halloween:

Wear brighter costumes

While streetlights and porch lights may seem like enough to illuminate trick-or-treating territory, they can still leave plenty of dark areas that can hide kids from passing drivers. Costumes with brighter colors can help drivers notice kids running along and across the street before it is too late.

Add reflective gear

It may be hard to convince your kids to wear a reflective safety vest while trick-or-treating, but there are other ways to make them more noticeable that they may agree to. Offering your kids a glow-in-the-dark candy bucket can help increase visibility. You can also find light-up props to add to a costume to add some extra glow to their night.

Practice street safety

The urge to run from house to house may be strong, and it can also be dangerous. Before letting your kids begin their hunt for candy this year, make sure they know to look both ways, never run across the street, and make sure a diver sees them before they begin crossing the street.

Halloween can be fun and safe

It is important to take a few moments to ensure your kids are safe this Halloween. After all, a few minutes of preparation and planning today can lead to happy and lifelong Halloween memories for this year, and many more in the future.