Can You Stop Paying Child Support if You Lose Your Job in FL?

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Please read on, then contact an experienced Pensacola child support lawyer to learn if you can stop paying child support if you lose your job in FL. The following are some questions you may have:

Do you have to keep paying child support if you lose your job in FL?

If you lost your job or are experiencing reduced income, the reason you lost the job or income must be involuntary in order for you to qualify for a modification. So, if you quit your job, got fired because of misconduct or voluntarily accepted reduced pay, you may not qualify for a reduction of your support payments. For the record, the Family Court will consider any unemployment benefits you receive as sources of income and may garnish your benefits in order to pay for child support.

When do you qualify for a child support reduction after a job loss in FL?

In order to qualify for a child support reduction, you must have undergone a substantial, permanent, involuntary and material change in circumstances that the Family Court had not contemplated at the time it originally ordered the child support. If a payor falls behind on child support payments and is unemployed, underemployed or has no income but is able to work or participate in job training, the Family Court may order him or her to:

  1. Seek employment
  2. File periodic reports with the court
  3. Notify the court upon obtaining employment, income or property
  4. Participate in job training, job placement, work experiences or other work programs

If the court does not feel that your change in circumstances is substantial, permanent, involuntary and material, it will not qualify for a modification of support payments and you will face all the penalties that any other delinquent obliger would face: Fines, hits to your credit score, liens on your property and even time in jail. If you have lost your job, you should reach out to a skilled Pensacola family law attorney to ask the Family Court for a modification. He or she will help you collect the evidence needed to prove your case and file it with the proper authorities. Let us handle this delicate legal matter, so please give us a call today.


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