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Experienced legal help necessary after a DUI charge

In our last post on drunk driving charges, we talked about refusing to take a breath test. This is a bad idea, and if you refuse to take a breath test, you will be subject to a separate criminal charge in addition to your DUI charge. You will also be subject to additional consequences.

What happens when you refuse a breath test?

Before we even address the question in the title, it is important for us to say that no one should get behind the wheel of a vehicle when they have consumed alcohol or used drugs. Having said that, if you do get behind the wheel of a vehicle while you are intoxicated and you see the flashing lights of a police car in your rearview mirror, your thoughts will immediately scramble to try and find a way out of the situation.

Penalties for a first time DUI offense in Florida

It goes without saying that getting multiple drunk driving offenses is an especially bad position to put yourself in. The damage and penalties from having two or more DUIs on your record are immense. But even after just one offense - one that could have extenuating circumstances involved - in the state of Florida, an individual can face hefty penalties and fines.

How accurate are field sobriety tests anyway?

Field sobriety tests (FST) are used to determine if a driver may be impaired. It is important to understand that an FST does not determine if you are able to drive, it gives an officer probable cause to conduct other, more invasive tests. Without probable cause, it can be difficult for an officer to justify asking for a breath, blood or urine test.

Financial factors to consider with a DUI

When you hear the phrase "a DUI will cost you a lot," you may take the statement figuratively. It will "cost you on a personal level, as your friends and family may never look at you the same way again. It will "cost" you professionally, because you could lose your job or struggle to find a new one. It will "cost" you chronologically, as you may spend time in jail or suffer harsh penalties that make your life difficult for a long time.

DUI expungement can really help you

Drunk driving charges, like any other criminal charge, come with a certain level of embarrassment for the accused individual. They know they should have done better, and they will look to change their ways going forward. But even with that, their reputation will precede them wherever they go. Their friends will likely know about it, and it could cause them hardship with those friends. Their employers may find out, or even potential new employers. And landlords will see their criminal history during routine background checks.

Can you defend against a DUI charge? Of course!

If you have been pulled over and accused of driving under the influence of alcohol before, then you know just how scary and intimidating those moments can be. If you haven't been pulled over for a DUI offense before in your life, then you probably think that there is no way for a person accused of such a crime to defend his or her case.

Are field sobriety tests always accurate?

If you are pulled over and suspected of driving drunk, the officer will likely administer field sobriety tests. These tests are used by law enforcement agents to highlight or reveal signs that a person may be intoxicated. Should a person fail these tests, he or she could be arrested for suspected drunk driving.

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