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The Dookhan Controversy: evidence mishandled, cases in limbo

One of the biggest criminal justice system scandals of recent memory is still, to an extent, ongoing. The Annie Dookhan case refers to a former drug forensics employee who allegedly tested drug evidence to put people accused of drug crimes behind bars. The problem with Annie Dookhan is that in many cases, she didn't test the evidence at all and simply claimed that the evidence was "positive" so that investigators and prosecutors could lock people up, regardless if they were guilty or innocent. The evidence Dookhan handled simply wasn't done so in a proper, compliant and fair manner.

Being proactive critical when seeking expungement

Serious criminal allegations will not just go away on their own; you will have to address them one way or another, whether that involves negotiating with prosecutors or going to court. In either case, you will need to deal with the charges against you.

Am I eligible to have a criminal record expunged?

There are people all across Florida who have made a mistake in their lives and been charged with a crime as a result. If you are in this group of people, you are likely aware of how damaging that criminal record can be. Even if you complete all court-ordered conditions and sentences, you can still pay for a crime that stains your criminal record.

Is a criminal record plaguing your job search?

Employment applications and professional licensing applications almost always ask whether you have ever been arrested or convicted of a crime. This is when that mistake you made in your early 20s can come back to haunt your professional job search. What can you do?

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