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How high school reenactments can teach valuable DUI lessons

For our source article today, we chose a random DUI reenactment story from a high school outside of the state of Florida. The location isn't particularly important, nor is the content of the reenactment all that illuminating to most people who aren't teenagers. However, the trend of these reenactments is the real point of this post. You can search Google right now and find hundreds of stories about DUI reenactments on high school campuses.

Police conduct, investigations are key parts to criminal charges

What often gets lost in the conversation about criminal charges is the role police play in the charge. So much focus is placed on the accused individual (or individuals), and a lot of attention is paid to the "horror" of the crime. Outrage is an easy feeling to conjure up when crimes are discussed. However, where is the outrage over police officers that use excessive force? Where is the outrage when investigators mishandle evidence? Where is the outrage when evidence testing labs taint evidence or alter the course of an investigation?

Punishing nature of the law is a drag on society

Defending people who have been accused of a crime has a stigma attached to it. Many people will immediately think that anyone accused of a crime must be guilty. It is just how some people think of the world. Of course, not everyone accused of a crime is guilty of the charges they face, just as people who may be guilty of committing an offense don't necessarily deserve the full force of the law (or the full list of potential consequences) to affect them.

Boating under the influence carries serious penalties

"Operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol" is a phrase that will immediately generate images in your mid of drunk people driving cars or trucks. However, operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol -- or, for that matter, drugs -- is not reserved to just motor vehicles on the roads. As many Floridians know, people often operate boats and other water vessels while they are drunk or intoxicated in some way.

New report shows drugged driving on the rise

Drunk driving is a major safety issue, but the charge also has serious implications for the people who are accused of the crime. Sure, they allegedly did something wrong, but they also face the specter of a lifetime of dealing with a criminal history. And sometimes, a DUI happens by mistake. Good people are often wrapped up with this offense.

Discussing assault and battery charges

Assault and battery charges are two distinct crimes that refer to similar things. Assault is when there is the threat of violence. Battery is when actual contact and physical harm is committed. These are the definitions in Florida -- they are slightly different in Alabama, where three different degrees of assault can be charged by the police.

Misdemeanors: serious crimes despite the perception

Being convicted of a crime is a massive blow to anyone's future. You may think that a state or federal felony are the only "serious" crimes that you need to worry about, but that simply isn't true. Even misdemeanors can have a profound effect on a person's life, and it is important for anyone accused of a crime to take the matter seriously.

Drunk driving charges carry massive penalties

Getting behind the wheel of a car after you have consumed alcohol can lead to an arrest. The charge of drunk driving is a serious one, and it can claim many of your liberties and cost you thousands and thousands of dollars. From license suspension to increased insurance costs, and a criminal record to court fees and jail time, there are simply far too many consequences to a DUI.

Tax fraud denotes a serious and intentional act

In just a couple of weeks, most people in the United States will have to have filed their tax returns to the Internal Revenue Service. Some people may have received extensions, but most will need to have them mailed by April 18. For those who are just getting to their filings, it is understandable to be a little stressed out about this task and, under such stress, it is conceivable that you will make a mistake or two.

How are assault and battery charges dealt with in Florida?

In the state of Florida, when someone harms another person and/or has the intent to harm another person, then the charges filed are assault, battery or both. Assault is when someone has the intent to harm someone or makes someone fear that they will be harmed. Battery is when actual physical contact is made, inflicting harm on another person.

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