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Client Testimonials

James helped me with my second DUI case and did a great job. I was looking to lose my freedom for a little while, but James made sure that didn’t happen and for that I am very thankful. I would recommend Mr. Burns to anyone who has been arrested in Pensacola and is looking for the best! Thanks again!
– Josh

If you’re looking for a divorce attorney, give Jim Burns a chance. My recent divorce went fast and none of my ex’s demands were awarded to her. Mr. Burns is on top of things, with an excellent staff. Special thanks to Kathy also.
– Kirk

Mr. Burns did an outstanding job representing me under special circumstances, which I will elaborate in this writing. My wife and I divorced, as many have. However, I lived on the West Coast, and she lived on the East Coast. This was a logistic challenge for everyone concerned. Mr. Burns and his staff dealt with this challenge with a resolve in which everyone was pleased. If you need representation, Mr. Burns is the best choice in this area of law.
– Bill

Mr. Burns stayed on top of Bobby’s defense and made himself available – even after hours – for reviews of his case. He told us he could get the case dismissed, and he did just that. I would hire him again if I had problems in Florida.
– Rebecca

If you have questions about a criminal defense, personal injury, family law or probate matter in Florida or Alabama, call 850-930-3018 or contact James M. Burns by email.