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The High Stakes Of Federal Criminal Charges

Anytime a criminal matter is prosecuted in U.S. federal court, the stakes are extremely high. For offenses ranging from drug sales and drug trafficking to fraud and other white collar crimes, federal sentencing guidelines may lead to penalties far worse than you expected. Federal prosecutors are highly skilled and they have extensive resources for investigation and case building.

Arrested Or Under Investigation For A Federal Offense?

If you have been arrested in connection with a federal crime – or even contacted by any federal agent or authority about a criminal investigation – there is no time to lose in getting qualified defense counsel. Pensacola-based lawyer James M. Burns defends people against an array of federal charges in northwest Florida and southwest Alabama, including:

  • All types of drug crime offenses, including possession, intent to deliver and drug trafficking charges arising from traffic stops on Interstate 10 and other area roads
  • Violent crimes and federal weapons offenses
  • White collar and Internet-related offenses such as fraud, embezzlement and identity theft

Experienced Federal Defense Lawyer In Florida And Alabama

It would be difficult to overstate how important it is to hire a defense lawyer who is experienced in the federal court where your case will be handled. Procedures for filing crucial motions, introducing evidence and negotiating for mitigated consequences differ from those required in state courts.

Many competent defense lawyers complete their entire careers without handling a federal court case. Attorney James M. Burns has years of federal trial experience, thrives on the challenge and delivers maximum effort for every client facing federal prosecution.

Work Directly With A Dedicated, Trial-Proven Lawyer

Make no mistake: Your future is on the line if you are accused of a federal crime. You deserve the utmost in strategic defense representation aligned with your most important goals. If you are falsely accused or your rights have been violated, Mr. Burns will go the distance to prove exactly that. If the best path for you is negotiation, you will have a formidable ally on your side. Call 850-930-3018 or email him right now to arrange your free initial consultation.