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Fighting A License Revocation

An arrest for impaired driving might be your first experience with law enforcement. DUI charges can be related to alcohol use or suspected drug use, marijuana or prescription medications. You probably do not realize the complexities of the Florida’s criminal justice system.

After a DUI, the only way to protect your driver’s license and your right during the process is to speak with a criminal defense attorney right away.

Based in Pensacola, defense attorney James M. Burns knows what you are up against. It’s not just the criminal DUI penalties, but the civil license suspension that can add challenges to your day-to-day life. Starting by listening to your side of the story, he then goes to work identifying potential defenses. He fights to mitigate the damage with an acquittal, case dismissal or by pursuing the best possible outcome.

How Long Could Your License Be Suspended?

The length of a driver’s license suspension generally depends on how many prior convictions you have on your record. The range of time on a first conviction is a minimum of 180 days up to a full year. Here is how the time frame increases:

  • Two convictions in five years could result in a minimum five-year revocation (hardship reinstatement is only available after a year in most cases).
  • A third conviction in 10 years carries a minimum 10-year revocation.

As harsh as these results are, for those with commercial motor vehicle licenses the consequences can affect a driving career. A blood alcohol level of .04 or more is prohibited while operating a commercial motor vehicle. A conviction disqualifies you from operating a commercial motor vehicle for one year.

Hardship Driver’s License

The requirements to obtain a hardship license to drive to work generally include attending DUI school, applying for a reinstatement hearing and mandatory ignition interlock.

For subsequent convictions it become much more difficult to qualify for hardship reinstatements. In these cases, it is vital to fight the DUI charges themselves to avoid a subsequent conviction.

Learn Your Options From An Experienced Lawyer

Do not leave your future to chance. Protect your driving rights by speaking with a criminal defense attorney right after an arrest. There are options, but you need to take action.

Schedule a free initial consultation. Call the Law Office of James M. Burns at 850-930-3018 or send a message.