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Sex Offenses: Protecting Your Rights And Your Reputation

With any accusation of inappropriate sexual behavior, your future is at stake. Whether fighting a sexual assault allegation in Escambia County or charged with online child pornography in federal court, you need a skilled advocate who will fight to protect you.

Registration as a sex offender for 10 years or the rest of your life is common with a sex crime conviction. This can affect where you live and work as well as destroy your reputation. With almost 20 years of criminal law experience, defense attorney James M. Burns knows how to defend you against these serious charges.

When rape allegations or other criminal sexual conduct charges are linked to domestic violence or a nasty divorce process, he can help you resolve the criminal case and minimize the damage on a family law matter.

What Is The Romeo And Juliet Statute?

Once labeled a sexual offender, it can take many years to get off the rolls. In Florida, a statute — often referred to as the Romeo and Juliet law — can ease the process to get out of the registration requirement in certain circumstances.

To be considered, there are several general requirements:

  • No more than four years older that the minor
  • The minor was at least 13, but younger than 18
  • Sexual activity must have been consensual

A subsequent sex-related offense would limit the availability of relief.

Internet Sex Crimes And Federal Charges

Many sexual offenses are charged in Alabama or Florida courts. But the transmission of child pornography over the internet crosses state lines making it a federal offense. As Homeland Security runs more stings focused on these online sex crimes, these types of charges are becoming more common.

Different rules and penalties control federal proceedings. Ask questions to make sure the defense lawyer you hire practices regularly in federal court and understands these differences.

Don’t Let A Sex Crime Charge Ruin Your Life

Depending on the facts, defenses may be available. Pensacola-based attorney James M. Burns can identify them and fight to protect you from pernicious reporting requirements.

During a free initial consultation, he will answer your questions and explain how he can help. Delay will only make the matter worse. Call 850-930-3018 or send an email to schedule a time to speak.