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Don’t Let A Theft Charge Take Away Your Future

Are you accused of shoplifting merchandise or committing some other form of theft? Perhaps the charge against you is grand theft or another serious felony offense such as burglary or home invasion, putting you at risk for a substantial jail sentence and other crippling consequences. You may be desperate to help your son or daughter overcome an isolated mistake that could seriously damage his or her future prospects.

Experienced And Aggressive Representation In Florida And Alabama

Please don’t risk facing a theft charge without a dedicated, highly regarded defense lawyer on your side. Pensacola attorney James M. Burns is here to help in every way he can. Practicing in northwest Florida and southwest Alabama since 2000, he has the relevant experience required to protect your rights and your future. Key considerations in your case may include:

  • Simply understanding why you are charged with a specific felony or misdemeanor theft crime can be a challenge. You need a lawyer to look hard at all circumstances, including ensuring that what you are accused of stealing has been properly valued.
  • Some charges of petit theft, retail theft and comparable property crimes result from misunderstandings or mistaken identity.
  • Through Mr. Burns’ skilled representation, it may be possible to clear you of the charges entirely or to negotiate a far preferable alternative to prosecution, such as restitution and probation with the opportunity to keep your record clean.

Anyone can give in to a sudden impulse and make a mistake. What matters most if you have been charged with a criminal offense ranging from shoplifting to auto theft or larceny is what you do next. Giving up and accepting whatever consequences come your way could be a decision you regret for the rest of your life.

Call Now For Caring Guidance And A Defense Of Your Future

You can be open and honest with attorney James M. Burns, and he will be honest and realistic in his approach to your case. Being accused of theft is certainly not the end of the world – but a theft conviction on your record is a major barrier to success.

To schedule your free initial consultation, complete a brief online form or call 850-930-3018 today. Mr. Burns also provides counsel on eligibility for expungement and record sealing for those who qualify.