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Tough Defense For Serious Weapons Charges

Are you accused of illegal possession or unlawful use of a firearm? Florida, Alabama and federal laws governing weapons offenses are intricate and strict. All such crimes carry the potential for jail or prison time, but that is only one serious concern to consider. It is critical to evaluate every viable path to avoiding a conviction that could be devastating in other respects.

Providing Skilled And Experienced Criminal Defense Assistance You Can Trust

Experienced criminal defense attorney James M. Burns is here to help you make solid decisions about your defense and avoid costly, life-altering mistakes. Based in Pensacola, he is known and respected in courts all along the Flora-Bama line. He has valuable insight into the approaches of many judges and prosecutors. You can count on him for:

  • Results-focused criminal defense representation in either state or federal court, whether you are charged with unlawful use of a firearm, gun possession by a convicted felon, a violent criminal offense such as assault or battery with a weapon, or some other offense
  • Prompt, direct attention to your case and straightforward advice about all potential consequences and viable defense strategies
  • Highly effective case building and dynamic defense of your rights if you were acting in self-defense or standing your ground to defend your family and property

Illegal Gun Possession · Violent Crime Allegations · Probation Violations

Mr. Burns’ two decades of experience in the legal field cover a broad spectrum of weapons violations, probation violations and other criminal matters. He is equally adept at building cases for trial and negotiating manageable outcomes that give his clients a second chance.

Get The Legal Guidance And Advocacy You Deserve

You do not have to worry that your state or federal gun crime case will be passed along to a less experienced lawyer. For a free initial consultation with highly regarded misdemeanor and felony defense attorney James M. Burns, call 850-930-3018 or complete this short online form now.