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Navigating Complex Child Support Issues

Raising children is expensive. If you will be providing the majority of the care, you need a reasonable child support award that helps you pay the bills. When you will be paying support, it is also crucial to get the initial order correct.

Pensacola child custody lawyer James M. Burns helps parents across Escambia and Baldwin counties resolve child support disputes. No matter how they arise — in the divorce or paternity context — he can ensure that the numbers that go into the calculations lead to a fair award amount.

Attorney James M. Burns looks for the most practical route to get the best possible results. When it is possible a negotiated agreement can save time and money. But when evidence exists the other parent is hiding money or making unreasonable demands, he knows how to advocate for your children and your best interests in court.

How Is Child Support Determined?

Both Florida and Alabama follow a guidelines approach with certain limited exceptions. This means your income figures and time caring for children will be plugged into a formula. Other expenses such as health care insurance and day care, along with which parent pays these, are included. The resulting number is the presumptive child support award.

The courts rarely deviate from the formula. For this reason, it is necessary to make sure the numbers going into the formula are correct. It is vital to get the order correct the first time, because later modifications are very difficult.

Child support and visitation involve money, which is almost always contentious. It is the reason that many relationships break down in the first place. It’s essential to have a skilled negotiator as your ally.

Learn More About Child Support

How will you pay or receive child support? What happens when payments stop or you can no longer make payments? There are lots of questions surrounding child support.

Find the answers you need to make informed decisions by calling lawyer James M. Burns. A meeting can be easily scheduled by dialing the office at 850-930-3018 or completing our online form.