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Dividing Military Benefits During Divorce

Did you or a spouse serve in the Air Force or another branch of the military? Did you retire to Navarre or another Gulf Coast community following a tour at the Eglin Air Force Base? Military divorce involves both Florida state law as well as federal laws such as the Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act. How does this affect the division of military retirement benefits?

When you retain The Law Office of James M. Burns you can count on having all the relevant information needed to make an informed decision about dividing a military pension. Well-known throughout the Pensacola community, he has built a sound reputation for assisting military couples through divorce. He has helped clients throughout Escambia and Santa Rosa counties in Florida, as well as in Baldwin County in Alabama.

The Importance Of Getting It Right The First Time

With many issues in divorce, you really only have one opportunity to get it right. Military benefits are a common point of contention. How they are divided will affect if a property division is fair.

One area that can cause problems is an application for military disability related to a degenerative injury in retirement. The disability payment would be subtracted from retirement pay. If you agreed to a 50-50 division of retirement benefits, this could reduce monthly income that you will depend upon in retirement.

This is just one issue to consider when negotiating a property settlement that equitably accounts for all income and benefits. Going back after the fact to request a modification is often very difficult; although not impossible.

Personal Dedication That Leads To Results

Ask about experience when considering which attorney to hire. Do not trust your financial future to a novice. When you have questions about the division of military benefits, attorney James M. Burns will be able to provide sound legal answers. For an initial consultation, please call 850-930-3018 or send lawyer James Burns an email.