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Modifying (Or Stopping A Modification Of) Existing Legal Orders

Life can change after a final order in a divorce or paternity. With our increasingly mobile society, it is probably more likely that things will change. How easy is it to modify a Florida family court order when these changes happen? Unfortunately, it is not very easy.

You need an experienced lawyer who can make the strongest argument to support your request for modification or enforcement of a prior order. In Pensacola, that attorney is James M. Burns. He has a track record of obtaining results even in difficult cases.

Why Is It So Important To Get Things Right The First Time?

There are only a limited number of circumstances when you can obtain a modification of child support or child custody. You generally must show:

  • A substantial change that was not foreseen at the time of your initial family law action

This standard is a high hurdle in most instances. Recently, it has become increasingly challenging. What you consider to be a substantial change — a deployment that only allows 30 days at home in the next year — may not be enough for the court.

This means that in any divorce or paternity action, you need to think about the future and plan for eventualities. Never sign a divorce decree before having it reviewed by an experienced attorney. With one signature you could foreclose on some of your rights forever.

If child support or spousal maintenance is not being paid, attorney James M. Burns may be able to bring an enforcement action to get payments started again. On the other hand, he may be able to help reduce your obligations when a job loss comes as a surprise.

Help When Needed Most

From his Pensacola office, lawyer James M. Burns helps individuals throughout Escambia and Santa Rosa counties in Florida. He is also licensed in Alabama and handles cases in Baldwin County. Send him a message or call 850-930-3018 to set up an initial consult.