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Helping Secure A Healthy Financial Future

You may have heard that if you are getting a divorce in Florida, you will not be eligible to receive alimony. However, alimony is now referred to as spousal support, and a spouse who can prove a need is eligible to receive it.

If you are planning to request spousal support during your divorce proceeding in Florida or Alabama, attorney James M. Burns will negotiate vigorously on your behalf to represent and uphold your interests.

Zealously Advocating For Your Right To Spousal Support

Pensacola family lawyer James M. Burns has extensive experience helping clients with family law matters, including helping them obtain spousal support in both Alabama and Florida. If you have questions about your right to spousal support, he will advise you of your options and your chances in court.

Many factors come into play when awarding spousal support in Florida, such as:

  • Which spouse has provided the primary income for the family?
  • Do you need education or further training to get a job to support yourself?
  • Was one spouse the primary caregiver for the children during the marriage?

Seek Protection For Your Financial Rights And Interests

Whatever your circumstances or financial needs, you have a right to fight for everything to which you may be legally entitled. James M. Burns will represent your needs and work assiduously to help protect your rights to financial stability. Mr. Burns understands what an emotional and trying time this can be, and he will help to guide you through the whole process, providing you with the legal counsel necessary for you to make well-informed choices about your divorce and your future.

Call Now For A Consultation

Choosing the right divorce attorney when seeking spousal support is not a trivial matter. Learn how lawyer James M. Burns can help you during an initial consultation. Call 850-930-3018 today or send an email to schedule an appointment in our Pensacola office.