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Do You Need Legal Help For A Summary Administration?

If a loved one passes away and his or her estate contains nonexempt assets totaling $75,000 or less, the estate may be handled by summary administration. Additionally, a summary administration process may be used if it has been two years since the deceased passed away.

Although a probate case handled by summary administration may take less time and involve fewer legal hoops to jump through, not every estate is eligible for summary administration. Even banks and other financial institutions make mistakes. This is why it is important to consult an experienced attorney following a death.

Helping Ensure That Your Interests Are Protected

Let Pensacola probate attorney James M. Burns review your unique situation and help you determine what would be in your best interests and the best interests of your family. In many cases, other assets exist that may not have been totaled at the time the decision to refer the case for summary administration was made. This can lead to difficulties in making sure that all assets are distributed from the estate fairly and in the manner that the deceased would have desired.

Contact An Experienced Florida Probate Lawyer

While it is true that the summary process can be less expensive and easier than the formal administration process, it may not be the best option in certain circumstances. Contact lawyer James M. Burns today to schedule a free consultation to review your options. With years of experience helping clients in Florida and Alabama navigate their way through probate cases, Mr. Burns is more than able to assist you.

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