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Pensacola Child Custody Lawyer

Often, when parents get divorced, the most important thing is establishing a child custody agreement that works best for everyone, and if you currently find yourself in this situation, you should strongly consider hiring a knowledgeable Pensacola child custody lawyer who can fight for you and your family. Contact The Law Office of James M. Burns today to learn more about child custody in Florida and how our legal team can help you.

Pensacola Child Custody Lawyer | Protecting Your Child’s Best Interests

Whatever issues exist between you and the other parent, the best interests of your children must remain at the forefront, however, developing a long-term solution must take into account your particular needs to be workable.

Pensacola family law attorney James M. Burns represents parents who are involved in family law disputes. Mr. Burns believes children should have the opportunity to be children, but their relationships with each parent also need to be protected. The bottom line is that you simply cannot hire just any attorney to handle your child custody matter; you need a competent Pensacola family law attorney who can effectively guide you through each step of the legal process ahead. Our firm is on your side.

Comprehensive Representation In Divorce And Paternity Actions

We understand just how significant of a legal matter this is to you and your child, and you will see this from the moment you partner with our firm. Escambia County family law attorney James M. Burns can provide the legal counsel you need to work through custody issues that will determine your children’s future.

If at all possible, he will seek to negotiate an acceptable agreement. But when not possible, the court will decide for you. In any court proceedings, he will aggressively fight to protect the best interests of your children while upholding your parental rights.

Types of Child Custody in Florida

In Florida, there are two types of child custody: physical and legal custody. Physical custody refers to where the child primarily lives, while legal custody refers to a parent having the legal right to make certain critical decisions on behalf of a child. Though most parents want to live with their children, the truth is, legal custody is even more important. When a parent has legal custody of his or her child, they have the right to decide where the child goes to school, the type of medical treatment the child may receive, the religion the child practices, and more. Our firm is here to help ensure that your child’s best interests are protected, every step of the way.

Parenting Plans and Time-Sharing in Florida

Courts in Florida refer to custody determinations as a time-sharing plan. The amount of time you spend with your children will be described in this plan. Some of the things that go into this plan include:

  • How you will share responsibility for caring for your children
  • A time-sharing schedule that specifies when children will be with each parent
  • Technology, such as Facetime, each parent will use to communicate with the children
  • Responsibilities for important decision-making related to health care, school matters, and religion must also be addressed. A future method for resolving disputes is also a good idea to consider as well.

Modifying a Child Custody Agreement in Florida

As you may know, in the months and years following your divorce, your situation, as well as your child’s situation, may change. Because of this, in the state of Florida, certain people are eligible to have their initial child custody agreement modified. If you can prove that you have had a significant and continuing change in circumstances, there is a very good chance that Florida courts will modify your child custody agreement. For example, if your former spouse developed a substance abuse issue or exposed your child to an incident of domestic violence, you may request that you retain sole legal custody of your child to protect him or her.

Conversely, if you are someone who was initially denied custody of your child because of a substance abuse issue, though you recently overcame it by seeking help and you believe you are ready to raise your child and be a responsible parent, you may also request a modification.

Often, matters of child relocation are also viable reasons to seek a modification to a child custody agreement. For example, if you have physical custody of your child and you are looking to move out of state with the child, you will most likely have to gain permission from the courts to do so if your former spouse shares custody of the child and doesn’t approve of the move. The bottom line is that if you or your child’s circumstances have changed and require a modification to your initial custody agreement, you should strongly consider speaking with an experienced Pensacola child custody lawyer who can work to ensure that you and your child’s best interests are protected, every step of the way.

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Disputes about child custody do not get better as time goes by. If you have been denied visits, attorney James M. Burns can quickly seek a temporary order so you can see your children. Then he will work hard to get a workable custody solution in place. Call 850-930-3018 or contact The Law Office of James M. Burns today to schedule your free consultation with our firm today. We are prepared to guide you through every step of the legal process ahead.