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Pensacola Assault Lawyer

All types of disputes and altercations can spiral out of control and become heated or physical. When the police are called, someone is usually arrested and charged with assault or battery, and if you are currently facing such charges, you need an experienced Pensacola assault lawyer on your side. The Law Office of James M. Burns will defend your rights and future skillfully and aggressively. Contact us today.

Pensacola Assault Lawyer | Defending Those Charged in Florida and Alabama

Under Florida law, assault charges refer to threats of violence, while battery charges require actual contact and physical harm. Alabama law defines three degrees of assault. In either state, the most serious of these charges can bring long prison sentences and many other life-changing consequences.

Accomplished Escambia County criminal defense lawyer James M. Burns has extensive knowledge of both Florida and Alabama statutes. He will inform you of the consequences you may face and will educate you about your options so you can make an informed decision about your defense. He is well-equipped to defend you against any assault or battery charge in the Pensacola or Mobile area – including one charged as an act of domestic violence.

Whether your assault charges stem from a relationship gone bad, a bar fight, an act of self-defense, or other circumstances, it is critical to understand all potential penalties. An assault or battery conviction on your record could make it virtually impossible to get a decent job, for example. Allegations of domestic violence can get you banned from entering your own home or seeing your own children. Viable defenses Mr. Burns will consider include:

  • Establishing that threats were not serious and could not have been carried out
  • Proving that you acted in self-defense, in defense of your property, or in defense of another person’s safety
  • Establishing that there was no intent to threaten or physically harm the alleged victim

Turn to a Lawyer Skilled at Negotiation and Litigation

Police officers and prosecutors exercise broad discretion when making arrests and filing assault and battery charges. If a case dismissal or acquittal is a realistic goal in your case, attorney James M. Burns will target that outcome. If the evidence against you is strong, he may be able to negotiate a plea to a reduced charge, such as a misdemeanor rather than a felony offense.

Contact a Pensacola Assault Lawyer

Fast action to get qualified legal counsel is critical if you have been charged with assault, battery, or any comparable offense. For a free initial consultation directly with attorney James M. Burns, call 850-930-3018 or contact him online now.