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Pensacola Domestic Violence Lawyer

False accusations or misunderstandings can, at times, lead to a person being charged with an act of domestic violence, and if you are currently facing such accusations, you should strongly consider hiring an experienced Pensacola domestic violence lawyer as soon as you can. Contact The Law Office of James M. Burns today to learn more about these charges and how we can assist you.

Pensacola Domestic Violence Lawyer | Protecting Your Rights

Spousal abuse and other forms of domestic violence are treated very seriously under both Florida and Alabama law. When police are called to a dispute between a husband and wife or others in an intimate relationship, they almost always arrest one of the parties. Also, prosecutors are wary of dropping charges associated with domestic violence because they do not want to clear the way for a tragic outcome if that decision is a mistake.

If you are accused of assault, battery, or any offense with a domestic violence component, you must take this matter seriously. Not only can the direct legal penalties be severe, but nearly every aspect of your life may suffer: employment, access to your children, ability to participate in any activity requiring a background check, your firearm rights, and more. This is why you need a competent Escambia County criminal defense lawyer on your side.

Consequences of a Domestic Violence Conviction in Florida

When someone is accused of committing an act of domestic violence, they are at risk of spending years in prison or in jail. The sentence a person receives for an act of domestic violence depends on the severity of the alleged attack. The consequences of domestic violence convictions in Florida are as follows:

  • If the attacker seriously injured the victim or used a dangerous weapon in the act: Up to 10 years of incarceration
  • If the attacker caused permanent disfigurement or life-threatening injury: Up to 20 years of incarceration
  • If the attack resulted in the victim’s death: Potential life imprisonment

Falsely Accused? Focused On Minimizing Consequences?

The best step you can take is to contact a highly qualified, experienced criminal defense lawyer such as James M. Burns as soon as possible. Mr. Burns recognizes that many domestic violence cases involve false or exaggerated allegations. He will hear you out on what happened, explore every angle for avoiding a criminal conviction and help you identify the best defense strategy for your unique circumstance. He will protect what matters most to you. His experience covers the spectrum of:

  • Assault, battery, and other charges filed in domestic violence cases
  • Pursuing defense strategies such as establishing that the accuser initiated physical contact
  • Exposing an accuser’s ulterior motives for domestic violence allegations, such as the desire to gain an advantage in a divorce or custody matter
  • Effectively contesting court injunctions and protective/restraining orders

Contact a Pensacola Domestic Violence Lawyer

Do not rely on your accuser’s word that they will not press charges because you may be prosecuted for an act of domestic violence anyway. Don’t give up in the face of a system that seems biased against you. Instead, act now to get the rigorous, results-driven legal representation you need, beginning with a free initial consultation with dedicated Pensacola domestic violence lawyer James M. Burns. Call 850-930-3018 or contact The Law Office of James M. Burns online today.